About Celtic Fish & Game

With years of experience coupled with a prime location, Celtic Fish & Game are a family run business in a unique position to offer you the finest collection of foods.

We are perfectly located to take advantage of the thirty to forty species landed into our local ports Newlyn, Looe, Plymouth and St. Ives. We attend the auctions daily to offer our customers the freshest fish at the best possible prices.

The fish landed via the Newlyn and Plymouth Markets is landed within quota restrictions. Ensuring the fish we supply is sustainable is very important, therefore by using the local markets we can guarantee this. The fish is bought and sold by vessel therefore each fish we sell can be traced to the boat which caught it.

We buy and process feathered and ground game from hunters throughout Cornwall and Devon. Game meat is a product area which is becoming more and more popular and is one of the few product ranges along with fish that can be guaranteed wild and traceable. Another factor responsible in increasing the popularity of game is the consistency it provides in aspects of quality, price and flavour.

In addition to the Fish and Game we stock over one thousand fine food items. Our list has evolved from demand by chefs. The chef decides the ingredients they wish to work with and we do our upmost to source these products and so the list grows.

Sourcing as locally as possible is very important to us. In addition to the fish and game there is a wealth of local produce available. We buy local shellfish, meat, cheese and chutneys.

We have a smokehouse on-site where old techniques are used to produce exciting new products with local ingredients. We also smoke on request, so if you have an idea just let us know.

As a company we have evolved our range by customer demand, therefore our products always reflect current trends. Continue to tell us want you want and we will always do our best to supply it.

This website is designed for the catering trade. If you would like these products for personal consumption please visit www.freshfoodscornwall.co.uk

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